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Pandemic Emergency Planning:

Hello students! Hope you had a relaxing break!!
MP4 has set in and its our final lap! I will be setting up Google Meet Tuesday to Thursday with each class on Day A & B schedules, alternately:

 All classes will Google Meet:

Important Chemistry/Physics Class MP 4 Instructions

This MP 4, each week we will meet virtually via Google Meet and discuss live the concepts of Chapters . We will have instruction to review the topics, vocabulary and reinforce previous chapters on Acids, Bases & Salts.
Also, during live instruction, have your binder, periodic table (Chemistry) and pen/pencil to take notes, and write questions.

Class grades will be earned for live attendance AND participation (not just logging in and going back to bed;) I will make sure of that by asking questions impromptu!

If you missed a class, you lose out on the class grades (as they can not be made up) BUT you can ask your peers for the class notes/assignments and still work to complete it for other assignment grades such as Homework/Quiz/Project. 

DO NOT lose out on essential is the last Marking Period with no make ups/extra time!

This MP4 we will do a Poster Project OR a Power Point (see Rubrics provided) on MP3-MP4 Concepts Only (your choice) -No partnership. Each student will work alone, and get a Test grade after submitting it, Classgrade for completing it & a homework grade if submitted before due date/time.

This marking period 4 all assignments MUST be completed HAND_WRITTEN ONLY. No typed or processed work will be accepted.

Reminder! Submit notes/work before due date for Class Grades. Good Luck!!

More details to follow in Google Clasrooms. Be on time!

DAY A (Tuesdays & Thursdays):

Period 2: 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Period 3: 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

DAY B (Wednesdays & Fridays):

Period 5: 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Period 7: 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

& Period 8: 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Parents/students, please go to Google Classrooms info, assignments and classwork on appropriate subject, class/periods (Chemistry/Physics).
  "Please click here for coursework in the event of an emergency school closing."

Administration, please go to my shared folder 'Nisraiyya~ Pandemic Emergency Classwork' on Google drive for the assignments (both Chemistry & Physics).  

"Please click here for coursework in the event of an emergency school closing."

All students in my Chemistry and Physics should have joined my Google Classroom as early as last December 2019. 

Under special circumstances, if you got logged out or need to join again, here are the pass codes for each respective subjects/classes and periods:

Lab. Chemistry Pd. 2 (honors) : kwoypi5

Lab. Chemistry Pd. 3: hfrwhgb

Lab. Chemistry Pd. 5: nowarl6

Lab. Chemistry Pd. 7: 7zqpejz

Lab. Physics Pd. 8: rcleknv



WEEK 1 NO LATER THAN 3/23/20 &  WEEK 2 NO LATER THAN 3/30/20

Students with no access to internet or computers, please contact the high-school main office for further information/hard copies of assignments.

Parents/guardians/Students: If you need to contact me with questions, please do so at my school email

Be safe and hope to see all soon!

Welcome to my Science site...!

A brief introduction about myself: My name is Mrs. Geeta Nisraiyya
My academic credentials include a Masters in Physics & Electronics and NJ State Teaching License in Physical Sciences. I have had the pleasure of serving the South Amboy community since 2003 and this is my 16th year. On the personal side, I remain married to my late husband, a wonderful man for the last  30 years and have two awesome kids 27 and 24 years young.

At SAHS, besides Lab. Chemistry & Lab. Physics, I have also taught Earth Science (Grade 8), Astronomy-Geology & Oceanography (Grades 11-12), Physical Sciences (Grade 9), Life Science (Grade 7) & Chemistry in the Community (Grades 11-12). 
Currently, I have 2 classes of Lab. Chemistry (Grades 10-12), 2 classes of Lab. Chemistry (Honors, Grades 11-12) and a Lab. Physics class (Grades 11-12).
My main goal is to prepare my students to master academic concepts, enhance critical thinking, and become self-directed individuals. My passion for the subject matter and my profession helps me teach my classes in a fun, engaging way with only the student's interests in mind. So parents/guardians, please support me when I push your child to higher expectations knowing that they can do it! Your cooperation is highly appreciated. I believe in communicating timely and the best method is via email:
  I'll normally respond within 24 hrs/1 business day. If needed, you may also call the school telephone @ 732-316 7669 and leave a message. Please avail me extra time to get back to you via telephone as I have limited access to communication with privacy.

2019-2020 Courses: 

Lab. Chemistry is a 5 credit elective course offered to juniors/seniors. Most students who want to pursue a pharmaceutical and/or a related medical field career are advised by guidance to opt for this course to facilitate them in college. The prerequisite for this subject is previous Physical Science credits and a solid Math aptitude.
On the other hand, Lab. Physics is a weighted 5 credit lab. course offered to juniors and seniors eager to pursue any science/engineering program in college. The course curriculum lays down the foundation of basic mathematical and applied physics building on the prerequisite of an excellent math aptitude and a physical science base. 
This year I have 114 wonderful students as of now, mostly juniors & sophomores with an exception of few seniors.
Looking forward to an exciting educational year! Hop on to our speedy roller-coaster and hold tight or let's mix up a chemical shake!

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Lab. Chemistry students engaged in collaborative work.