Digital Documents and Information

All Environmental Science students received a textbook.  Please keep the textbook covered, and it is needed in class every day.

Science  7 and 8 students received a class username and password for the online textbook. 

 Here is the log in information per class:

Period 2 - Science 8 Period 6 - Science 8
Username:  2019SCIENCE8A Username:  2019SCIENCE8B
Password:  Reilly20191 Password:  Reilly20192

Period 7 - Science 8 Period 8 - Science 7
Username:  2019SCIENCE8C Username:  2019SCIENCE7
Password:  Reilly20193 Password:  Reilly20194

Textbook Site:

Please see the attached syllabus for the appropriate class.  Students should keep their signed hard copy syllabus as the first page in their binders for reference!

Science 7 and 8 Syllabus

Environmental Science Syllabus