Debate Club

March 8th debate...Venue Room 221 (Mr. Stoddard) SAHS

Debate Topic: Should parents be allowed to discipline their kids?

Speakers: Richard Wood (For) & 
>>>> (Against)

Attention Freshmen, Sophomores & Juniors......!!

You need to be more proactive in this extra-curricular. It's not only for the seniors. The Debate Team needs your participation and involvement. Can't be a speaker, no worries, first come as a spectator/audience and I am sure this will rev you up to participate as a speaker later.

We will be doing a For and Against~ One on One, followed by a Team of 3 Speakers on either sides, having 3 rounds of debate, support your point and rebuttals. 

Please see Mr. Stoddard, (Math Dept. ~Room 221) or me, Mrs. Nisraiyya (Niz) (Science Dept., ~Room 222)

We meet briefly the first Thursdays immediately after school to discuss, contribute, select topics, etc and finally we verbally battle (debate) on the last Thursday of the month immediately after school.

If you are attending, please make sure your parent/guardian has given permission and/or arrangements for your ride back home has been made. 

Any questions, contact us in person or via email:

Your Club Advisors,
Mrs. Nisraiyya & Mr. Stoddard 

Jan.11th debate...Venue: Room 222 SAHS
Debate Topic: Should there be more control on Firearms?

Speakers: Brandon Kubinak (Against) & Zenon Yanez (For)

The stance on an interesting current and controversial issue was respectfully discussed and delivered by our two seniors Brandon and Zenon. The quality of the questions and standpoints were stated passionately with well researched evidence and statistical data. In all, it was very difficult to surmise the overall winner....both being equally challenging in their own oratory skills. ( An audible tie between the two speakers determined by audience applause!)

Please show your support by just being the audience! Always a pleasure to see our fine students address issues and voice out their opinions competitively in an agreeable and respectful debate!!

~With pride.....
Your Club Advisors,
Mrs. Nisraiyya & Mr. Stoddard 

Debators ~ Seniors Brandon Kubinak & Zenon Yanez

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