Little Mermaid

 South Amboy High School Player
  March 9, 10, 11, 2018
Cast/Crew/Parent Information

Dear Parents and Students: 
Thank you so much for joining us this year for THE LITTLE MERMAID.  Our first practice and parent meeting will be held on Monday, December 11, 2017.  Practice for all cast and crew will be from 3pm to 5pm and the parent meeting will begin at 5pm.   There are still many roles that have not been cast yet and we hope to cast at the first practice.  Please sign up for REMIND 101, it is a text messaging service for the group.  Information is below.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We look forward to seeing everyone on December 11th!! 

Brian and Phyllis Stratton 
732-316-7668 (school)

 Remind 101 
For Middle/High School cast and crew text @2018playm to 81010.
For Elementary cast text @2018playel to 81010.  

*If you have not used Remind before it will ask your name (please put students), if you have used Remind it will add you with your existing name. 
All cast members will be called on Mondays and Thursdays. This will be the bulk of our rehearsal time. Middle/High School cast and crew, will be scheduled for full week rehearsals: Monday- Friday.. Each week will look slightly different as we work our way through the show. A general schedule is listed below. 
Monday: 3:00-5:00pm – FULL CAST CALL(this means everyone) 5-6pm - Middle/High School Cast/Crew 
Tuesday:  3:00-6:00 pm Middle/High School Cast/Crew
Wednesday: 3:00-6pm – Middle/High School Cast/Crew 
Thursday: 3:00-5:00 – FULL CAST CALL (this means everyone) 5-6pm – Middle/High School Cast/Crew 
Friday: 3:00-5:00 –Middle/High School Cast/crew
Saturday and Sunday:  Set Building – crew and volunteers:  9am to 4pm
Dress Rehearsal/Tech Week/Show Nights Schedule
 – no conflicts allowed with this week 
February 26, 2018 – Wednesday- 3:00-10:00p.m. – FULL CAST AND CREW **DRESS REHEARSAL 
March 5, 2018  5-10pm  – FULL CAST/CREW
March 6, 2018  5-10pm  – FULL CAST/CREW
March 7, 2018  5-10pm  – FULL CAST/CREW
March 8, 2018  5-10pm  – FULL CAST/CREW  (if necessary)
  March 9, 2018 – Friday – 5:00 – FULL CAST CALL 7:00 CURTAIN 
March 10, 2018 – Saturday – 5:00 – FULL CAST/CREW  CALL 7:00 CURTAIN 
March 11, 2018 – Sunday – 1:00 – FULL CAST/CREW CALL 2:00 CURTAIN

The SAHS Players are dedicated to providing a quality educational and artistic experience to as many students as possible. Since we all have many time obligations and family commitments we are striving to give you detailed information on rehearsal schedules so you can make informed choices for your student and your family. We will do our best to honor the schedule we present by making as few or no changes to the schedule and by always starting and stopping on time. 
Costumes will be provided for the main costume pieces for each character. Individual students will be asked to provide appropriate undergarments and shoes. We will send out information after rehearsals begin outlining the specific items needed for each student. Information regarding hair and make-up will be sent home before our tech week. 
The SAHS Players website, will be our primary means of communication. We will also use Remind 101.  Remind 101 is an outgoing message service.  For Middle/High School text @2018playm to 81010: for Elementary students text @2018playem to 81010.  If you have not used Remind before it will ask your name (please put students), if you have used Remind it will add you with your existing name.  We will post all schedules and pertinent show information to the website. Please check the website often. All rehearsal schedules will be posted in a timely manner. 
Rehearsal conflicts are difficult on everyone. Actors who have three or more unexcused or unreported absences may be asked to meet with the directors to discuss their role in the show. To report any upcoming absences please contact the director at 
SAHS Players follows the same rules of conduct as students are expected to follow during the school day, as outlined on the SAMHS Handbook. 
Rehearsals are considered ―closed rehearsals.  Family and friends are asked to wait outside of the rehearsal area for your students. This keeps our noise level and distractions to a minimum. However, if you would like to observe rehearsals we encourage you to become a rehearsal chaperone. You can sign up for one or more rehearsals depending upon your availability. Chaperones will be asked to help monitor noise levels and student activity during rehearsal times, as well as supervise daily clean up. We really look forward to any helpers on Mondays and Thursdays in particular when we have full cast calls. Sign up information will be provided at the parent meeting.
It takes a small army to make these productions! That’s where our parents come in. We ask that each parent take on a pre-production and a production job so that we share the workload. If you have a special area of expertise that you would like to offer help with, we would be love to hear from you! We will be covering more information on our volunteer jobs at the parent meeting.