Classroom News~February 2018

Here we come Semester II. Can't believe half year is over. Welcome Marking Period 3!!


The results from our first January Chemistry League is in! Congratulations Chem & Bio I League students on a stupendous performance amidst many competitive schools in the county region.


Lab. Chemistry:

MP 3 continues with retouch on Periodic Table and introduction to Ch. Bonding ~Gear up, a Quiz is right around the corner, so students get working with these concepts.

Lab. Physics: We will complete Waves-Light & Sound soon this month.

Physical Science: We are addressing Waves and pretty soon start the Chemistry portion of the subject area with Periodic Table...yes...the world of elements and chemicals.

Brrr... A short month will go by soon, hopefully no snow days & or delayed openings. If you realize, you are on the way back down....! 

On the brighter side, February is Black History Month!! That means, a project paper is to be worked upon a Scientist of African American origin. Paper is due by Friday, 2/9/18. The best will adorn the hall of fame (outside Rm. 222) and the good ones in our class, so step it up students with the rubrics I provided and posted in class.