Classroom News~September 2018

Here we come Semester I. Can't believe summer is over. Welcome Marking Period 1!!


Lab. Chemistry:

MP 1 will begin with all fundamentals put in place. I call it 'cleaning the cobwebs" month. Scientific Method and Metric Prefix-Conversions will be the focus besides all important math and science basic concepts. 

Lab. Physics: Likewise, we will kick-start the fundamentals with Problem Solving in Science and introduction of Newtonian Mechanics this month.

All classes, we will have our first Formative/Summative Assessment this month with a hands-on Science Invention Project.

Student can pick a partner or work solo, and at least a week's time will be given. More details, rubrics, due dates etc. will be discussed in class.

Students will also present their Inventions to the class and will be graded on both the creation concept and presentation skills. The exhibit will be graded for a Formative (Lab) and the overall presentation a Summative (Test) grade.

Also, t
he best will adorn the hall of fame (outside Rm. 222) and the good ones in our class.

So step it up students! Remember, you start the class with a A(100%)