Class Info

Welcome to Ms. Grasso’s Math Class

Room 437



Google Classroom Codes:

6th grade/ periods 5 and 6: 21r51jc

7th grade/periods 1 and 2: 6r8c8py

8th grade/period 4: v3xk3yu

Course Description:

1.)In Middle School Math, we will cover the NJ Math Standards. The standards include:

-Number Sense - Ratios and Proportions

- Statistics and Probability -Geometry

-Expressions and Equations

2.) Links for the standards:





Ready Mathematics


  1. pencil/pen

  2. Binder with three sections: Do Now, Interactive Notebook, Closure

  3. Loose leaf paper

** These materials will be provided to students when needed; along with scissors, markers, glue sticks, and other supplies


  1. There are a variety of activities that students will complete during the year.

  1. Notes: Notes are taken almost every day; therefore, a BINDER  is required.

  2. Class work: Class work is given daily and is due in class the day it is assigned or the following day (as per the instructions)

  3. Tests and Quizzes: Quizzes can be announced or unannounced. Unannounced will be an open binder quiz. Tests are given at the end of a unit, and they are always announced. A Review sheet is given for tests. Most information for tests and quizzes comes from the notebook.


  1. If you miss a day you will be able to check Google Classroom for the agenda of the day including the activities and objective.

  2. The policy for being tardy, cutting, and leaving class without permission is all listed in the handbook.


1.)Grades are entered into Genesis Gradebook as soon as there are graded, and are available for viewing on Genesis Parent Access

2.) Summative: 55%

Tests and Projects

3.) Formative 45%

Quizzes, Homework, Summer Packets


  1. Each student will be assigned a computer.

  2. It is the student's responsibility to sign-in and sign-out the computer correctly.

  3. Students are to only use the computer for in-class assignments.

  4. If there is an issue with the computer, the student may ask the teacher for assistance.

Consequences (Subject to change):

  1. Teacher will remind class of expected behavior

  2. Teacher look

  3. Teacher will give a verbal reminder of the expected behavior to the student

  4. Student’s behavior will be written in a composition notebook

    1. Three times in the composition notebook is an email to the parents

    2. Five times in the composition notebook is a teacher detention

    3. Seven times in the composition notebook is an administrative detention

    4. Any additional times is TBD


Please see the attached documents that were approved by the board.

Amboy Middle High School Rules of Decorum:


  1. ) Students will listen for directions quietly.

  2. ) Students will follow directions quickly.

Entering the Room:

  1. Upon entering the class, each student may take his/her binder and pencil from the shelf.

  2. Student may sit at his/her desk and begin the do now that is listed in his/her binder by the time the bell rings.

Exiting the Room:

  1. End of Class: When the teacher dismisses the class all students may leave the room with all of his/her materials.

  2. Bathroom:

a.) On the board there are three magnets listed: ladies room, mens room, nurse. There is also a blank one. You may take the magnet and write your name in its place when you need to leave the room.

b.) There will only be one boy and one girl at the bathroom at the same time.

c.) You are to have your ID badge when walking the halls.

  1. Nurse:

    1. If you need to use the nurse you may take the magnet that states “nurse” and write your name in its place. Protocol is subject to change.

  2. Office:

    1. Once the student and teacher decide on where a student is going the “Ms. Grasso” magnet may be removed from the board and the student will write his/her name in it’s place.

  3. Drink of water:

    1. Students will have a four minute break in the middle of class to leave the room. During this time, students may get a drink of water at the fountain.

    2. If students need multiple water breaks due to allergies, cold, etc. the students and teacher can privately discuss a plan of when the student will be leaving the room to get a drink.

Extra Credit:

  1. Extra Credit Page :

    1. This page is worth up to five extra credit points on a test.

    2. Extra credit is acceptable at any time before the last five days of a marking period.

    3. A student may do as many extra credit pages as he or she chooses.

  2. Assessment Extra Credit:

    1. A student may receive up to three extra credit points per assessment.

    2. If a student gets his or her parent to sign the assessment within one day of receiving the grade he or she will get three points. Two points the next day and one point the following day.

Group Work:

  1. Students will work in pairs or groups continuously throughout the year.

  2. When students are working in groups they are expected to:

    1. Give thoughtful feedback

    2. Respect others and their thoughts

    3. On task at all times

    4. Use soft voices

    5. Participate actively


  1. Individual

    1. Every few minutes during class the teacher will pick a stick. If the name on the stick is of a student who has been paying attention, completing their work, and following the class rules. A ticket will go in the basket. Every week, the teacher will pick a ticket for each class. The ticket will represent the Our Star Student of the week for each class. This student’s name/picture will go on the bulletin board and the student will be granted prizes.

  2. Class

    1. Every day at the end of class, the class and teacher will decide if they met the goals for the day.

    2. If the goals were met, they will move up the ladder.

    3. Every fourth step, the class is rewarded.

Independent Work:

  1. There will be time each day when students are to complete independent work.

  2. Students are to work quietly unless they are called upon during this time.

  3. Teacher will answer any questions a student might have on their assignment when the student is called for conferencing.


  1. If a visitor comes into the class or the phone rings, the teacher will greet the guest.

  2. If there is an interruption during class, the students are to follow directions quickly.

  3. If there is a school wide announcement during class, it is the student's responsibility to listen to the announcement quietly.  

Parent Guardian Contact:

  1. Parents may contact me through the school email at any time.

  2. Parents may fill the attached paperwork by September 10, 2018.

Partner Work:

  1. I will assign partner work during each class.

  2. You will have about 15 minutes to complete an in-class activity. This activity will be a part of the folder described above. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the activity on time.


  1. Follow directions quickly

  2. Raise your hand for permission to share

  3. Be kind to others

  4. Be prepared