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Mr. Bourgeau's Schedule 2020-2021

Period 1 ELA 11 (I)
Period 2   ELA 12
Period 3 AP Language and Composition
Period 4   ELA 12 H
Period 5 ELA 11 
Period 8 ELA 11 H
Student Support 1-2 pm
Parental Support/ Communication: 2-2:30 PM

If you have any concerns, contact me through email:

Just a reminder: The Summer Reading Assessment is on 9/11/2020. Students are responsible for the titles assigned to their classes. 

*AP Summer Reading selections are a prerequisite to taking the course. Testing will begin on 9/3/2020 

AP Test dates:

English Language May 12, 2021

*updates will be posted regarding registration deadlines/testing fees. 

Week of August 31, 2020

Summer Reading Assessments for all classes: count as one summative assessment per title. 

AP ENG Language and Composition (Summer Reading is a prerequisite, as stated in the AP College Board approved course syllabus.)

Benchmark Assessment Linkit A (counts as one summative assessment for MP 1)

Week of September 7, 2020

ELA 11, 11 H:

9/8-9/9 Benchmark Testing Form A - Summative Assessment
9/11     Summer Reading Assessment - Summative Assessment

ELA 12, 12 H:

9/11 Summer Reading Assessment - Summative Assessment


Summer Reading Assessments - Summative Assessment

Week of September 14, 2020

ELA 11, 11 H: The Puritan Influence: works by Nathaniel Hawthorne

ELA 12, 12 H: British Gothic: Intro to Frankenstein, Romance Movement

AP ENG LANG: Finish Summer Assessments, Narrative Essay

Week of September 21, 2020

ELA 11, 11 H : The Puritan Influence - The Crucible by Arthur Miller Act 1

ELA 12, 12 H : British Gothic: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Letters 1-4

AP ENG LANG: Narrative Essay