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Mr. Bourgeau's Schedule 2018-2019

Period 1 AP Literature and Composition
Period 3 AP Language and Composition
Period 6 ELA 9
Period 7 ELA 9
Period 8 ELA 9, ELA 9 H

If you have any concerns, the best was to contact me is through email:

Just a reminder: The Summer Reading Assessment was on 9/10/2018. Students are responsible for the titles assigned to their classes. 

*AP Summer Reading selections are a prerequisite to taking the course.  

AP Test dates:
English Literature May 9, 2019
English Language May 16, 2019

January 2019

All Periods: Complete Student Surveys on Google Classroom. 
Due: 1/11/2019
*If a student needs an access code, see me. 

ELA 9, 9 H: Assessment on Irony is on Wednesday, 11/9/2019.

ELA 9, 9 H: Midterms/Linkit B Assessment,Wednesday, 11/16/2019

AP ENG Lit./Lang. 2019 AP Registration forms due March 1, 2019.

Reminder: Marking Period 2 ends 1/28/2019. 

Week of January 21, 2019

ELA 9, 9H: Summative Assessment/Perseus
Last Summative Assessment of MP2.

Reminder: MP 2 ends 1/28/2019

AP Lit.: Frankenstein

AP Lang.: Description essay due 1/24/2019. Submit through Google Classroom.