Classroom News

Students of the Week 10/01
Period 1
: Jon Russo
Period 2: David Roth
Period 5: Angela Calderon
Period 6: Victoria Myers

Period 7: Dylan Lozano

Students of the Week 09/24

Period 1: Morgan Moskal
Period 2: Emma Glasser
Period 5: Sieanna Cabral
Period 6: Vera Bacsoka

Period 7: Brianna Herrera

Students of the Week 09/17

Period 1: Esperanza Mojica
Period 2: Olivia Gulick
Period 5: Mariela Flores
Period 6: Richard Wojaczyk
Period 7: Kateri Day

Students of the Week 09/10
Period 1: Jake Rinkus
Period 2: Kiona Horigan
Period 5: Lilly Clements
Period 6: Michayla Piperato
Period 7: Ashley Sofilkanich

Attention 7th Graders
: 7th Grade Trip to the Museum of Natural History permission slips are out! The trip money ($45 dollars cash or check made out to S.A.M.H.S.) and signed permission slip are due by this Friday May 4th. You can get a new permission slip from Mr. Wohlt in Room 440 or in Mr. Wohlt's Digital Documents tab under the 7th Grade Folder. 

Students of the Week 04/16 and 04/30
Period 1
: Period Cancelled due to P.A.R.C.C. Testing for a majority of the past two weeks
Period 5: Karissa Orisine and Alexandra Kross

Period 6: Brianna Moehl and Steven Evanski

Period 7: Lemonik Cedano and Emma Glasser

Period 8: Dakota Templeton and Giovanni Pepe

Students of the Week 04/09
Period 1
: Aiden Nieles
Period 5: D'Andre Haymon
Period 6: Isabella Vargas
Period 7: Nadia Sara
Period 8: Gabriel Albarran

6th Graders debate the Proclamation of 1763
: Who owns the Ohio River Valley The biggest issue after the French and Indian War was who should be allowed in the Ohio River Valley. We took this issue head-on in class! The class was broken into the four groups: Colonial fur trappers, Colonial farmers, British Government Officials, and Native Americans. Students prepared facts to support their side, created an opening statement to outline their group's claim, and questions to ask the other groups. The project culminated with a two day debate. Here are pictures that illustrate the excitement prior to the debate. Period 1
PD 1 British Government
PD 1 Colonial Farmers
PD 1 Colonial Fur Trappers and Traders
PD 1 Native American

Period 5

PD 5 British Government
PD 5 Colonial Farmers
PD 5 Colonial Fur Trappers and Traders
PD 5 Native Americans

Period 7

PD 7 British Government
PD 7 Colonial Farmers
PD 7 Fur Trappers and Traders
PD 7 Native American