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Teacher: Mrs. Cindie Brown                   


Course Goal:  Research has proven that reading comprehension is the best indicator of future success in upper-level studies and college courses.  The only way for that skill to develop is through consistent practice; therefore, English courses require students to read many works of literature.  Successful students will complete all reading and work assignments and participate in class.


Academic Dishonesty:  Plagiarism is the use of another person’s original ideas or writing as one’s own without giving the other person credit.  Examples of plagiarism include discussing and/or copying answers to homework assignments with other persons, copying or paraphrasing information found on the Internet or in another reference source without citing the information as coming from a secondary source, and copying or paraphrasing research papers.  Students caught “sharing” work or cheating in any way will receive a “0” for that assignment.


Homework:  Students are required to complete all work that is not completed during the class period.  Standard homework consists of vocabulary, reading, and writing.  I will know without checking who has done their homework.  Occasionally, additional homework will be assigned; if you are absent it is your responsibility to make arrangements to come in after school or during my prep period to make up work.  If it is not done, you will receive a grade of “0” for the assignment and will not be given the opportunity to make it up.


Attendance/Behavior:  All students are expected to be on time to every class, every day.  All students are expected to be prepared for class everyday … this includes a pen/pencil, notebook, homework, and other materials we are working with.


MHS Grading Practice

Developed August 2017


Type of Assessment

High School

Summative Assessment

(Unit tests, research paper/essay, projects)


Quarterly Assessment


Formative Assessment

(Quizzes, homework, classwork, participation)




***The following deductions will be taken on all assignments:


2 pts for each spelling mistake

5 pts for each occurrence of using “of” instead of “have”

5 pts for each occurrence of not capitalizing appropriate words

10 pts for writing in pencil

5 pts for not Underlining or italicizing the names of books or putting “quotation” marks around names of movies, poems, and plays