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 Please check Google Classroom for all of your assignments. I will place all notes and assignments in your class. If you have  any questions or need help, you can always email me (or leave a comment in the classroom) and I will get back to you right away!

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English 9

World Literature (English 10)

American Literature (English 11/12)

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Plans for March 16th-20th and March 23rd-27th

by Laurie Halse Anderson
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Week One: March 16th-20th

Read pages: 3-116 (“Welcome to Merryweather High” through “Heathering” to “Death of the Wombat” through “Clash of the Titans”)
Answer study questions for pages 3-116. (Summative Grade)
DUE: Friday, March 16th
DO NOT “TURN IN”. I will be checking this manually.

Complete “First Impression” worksheet  (Formative Grade)
DUE: Friday, March 16th.
“TURN IN” on Google Classroom.

Work on “Character Chart” and “Character Descriptions” worksheets (Formative Grades)

Week Two: March 23rd-27th

Read pages: 116-198 (“MISS” through “A Night to Remember” to “Fault!” through “Final Cut”)
Answer study questions for pages 116-198. (Summative Grade)
DUE: Friday, March 27th.
“TURN IN” on Google Classroom.

Complete “Character Chart” and “Character Descriptions” worksheets  (Formative Grades)
DUE: Friday, March 27th.
“TURN IN” on Google Classroom.

Please email or use Google Classroom to communicate with me if you have ANY questions. The PDF version will have different page numbers than the book.Please follow the chapter titles in order to complete the study questions and reading for the week.