Period 7: Algebra I

Topics Covered:
- Basic Algebra Review
- Multi-step Equations
- Relations and Functions
- Linear Equations
- Direct & Inverse Variation
- Systems of Equations
- Exponents
- Polynomials & Factoring
- Quadratic Equations
- Statistics
- Radical Expressions
- Completing the Square

Practice is essential in learning math. Therefore, homework will be assigned on a daily basis. Homework will be checked in the beginning of each class.If an assignment is incomplete or directions are not followed, points will be deducted.

Contact Information:
Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns,

Extra Help:
I am available to extra help in the morning, the afternoon and during period 6 lunch.

Google Classroom:
Please check Google classroom for homework/project updates.
**Parents if you would like access to your students Google classroom please e-mail me.