Thursday 9/6/18 and Friday 9/7/18

All Classes

All class materials and signed guidelines are due on Monday 9/10/18 - No Passes.

This counts as your first formative grade.  If you are missing any component you will receive a zero. 
*Extensions of this deadline will only be given if I receive communication from a parent/guardian.

Monday 9/10/18
All classes -- None!  Your binder should have been set up in class today!

Monday 9/17/18

Science 8 - None
Environmental Science - be sure to have your Google notes for tomorrow!

Thursday 9/20/18
Science 8 - Periods 6 and 7 ONLY
Finish "Metric Mania" practice problems -- No Passes
**Scientific Measurement Lab starts Tuesday 9/25/18 -- this will count as the first Summative Assessment

Environmental Science - None-- be sure to have your 1-2 Study Guide in class!

Thursday 9/27/18
Science 8 - Metric Measurement Lab ends today ... did you hand in your lab sheet?

Environmental Science - Finish Chapter 1 Review work   No Passes
                                   *Chapter 1 Test on Monday 10/1

Tuesday 10/2/18
Science 8 - None:)
Environmental Science - Ecological Footprint project starts today - due end of period on Friday 10/5/18
*No late projects accepted!


Monday 11/19/2018
Attn: Students, Parents and Guardians

For the most current information regarding specific assignments and due dates, please reference Genesis for your specific class.