Ms. Ahmed

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Google Classroom Code for Biology pd 2: zs5flzs
Google Classroom Code for Marine Science pds 1 and 3: gxysl4v
Google Classroom Code for AP Biology pd 4: ildhgii
Google Classroom Code for Anatomy pd 8: qwqryil


Welcome to Ms. Ahmed’s web page, a platform for all to learn through collaboration and exploration of various biological and anatomical concepts. Biology is the study of life, and I believe learning about living things can be an interesting experience for all. I teach General Biology, Marine Science, Human Anatomy, and AP Biology in room 221, where students explore various aspects of Life Science. Throughout the year students are offered several opportunities to master biological concepts and enhance academic as well as interpersonal skills. My main goal is to help my students master academic concepts, enhance critical thinking , and become self-directed individuals.

The coursework is both challenging and demanding. In this course, the students will be able to enhance their thinking skills using interactive online activities, virtual and hands-on lab activities,independent/group research projects, problem solving activities, and by participating in on line discussions based on bio-ethical issues/current advancement in biological sciences.

I am available to offer assistance after school upon request, as well as briefly before each school day begins. See you in class!