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  South Amboy High School 2018-2019

World Language Department Course Syllabus        

¡Hola y Bienvenidos a otro Nuevo año escolar de español! We are excited to work with you all toward becoming a more well-rounded and worldly student.  Spanish class will be a lot of work, but it will also be a lot of fun! We will do some review toward the beginning of the year and then continue on with a more advanced study of the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries, with a focus on literature and the arts depending on your level of study. This class will emphasize on communicating in the target language (Spanish). We will be exploring the Hispanic Culture and Language through listening, reading, speaking and writing.

-Some of the grammar and vocabulary we will study this year is: Review of all tenses (present, past, future, conditional, subjunctive, etc.)

-We will also take a more in-depth look at the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries, as well as Spanish literature and film, and history of the Spanish language.

I am excited to be your teacher and I look forward to exploring these topics and to some great times this year! ¡Bienvenidos y Buena Suerte!


1.Three Ring Binder just for Spanish with 3 SECTION DIVIDERS labeled as follows:

First section      Ahora/Do Now’s,

Second section Vocabulario/Vocabulary

Third Section Gramática/Grammar

Grading Scale:

Middle School

High School

Summative Assessment

(Unit tests, research paper/essay, projects)



Formative Assessment

(Quizzes, homework, classwork, participation)



Grading will occur on a variety of assignments, including homework, oral presentations, listening activities, projects, written work, tests, quizzes (little quizzes), and most importantly.....participation!!!

Classwork & Homework

Work not completed in class will automatically turn into homework . Homework  is expected to be turned in when it’s due. No late work will be accepted.

Quizzes are given on a regular basis and may be announced or unannounced. Oral participation in class is crucial! All work you submit is expected to be your own original, quality product.

Attendance and make-up work

In the event of an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to get the missed work from the teacher or contact a classmate. You will have two days  or it will become an automatic zero.



This class will be a ton of fun if we can all work together and follow some simple guidelines that will make learning Spanish more enjoyable and efficient. I will expect you to follow school rules as explained in the Student Handbook. My expectations for you are:

  • Be ready! You’re here on time, with the necessary materials and attitude for learning (Ahora) Do Now.
  • Be respectful! You respect yourself and others by not letting your actions or words get in the way of learning.
  • Be responsible! Choose appropriate behavior that contributes to a positive learning environment

~No food or drinks will be allowed in the classroom unless we are having a celebration for a Spanish Holiday ~Please turn off cell phones, no texting or speaking on the phone, I will NOT tolerate that behavior, and it will be confiscated, unless we use it for a class activity such as kahoot or other games.

Please remember to check the website !

Thank you for reading your syllabus and we look forward to a great school year!

Señora Aquino-Soares Señora Alfaro