Ms. Davidson

                    Lesson Preparation
Hello all,

*  Reading/LA  6/7/8 students should go to Reading Plus and complete 2 reading stories and 2 vocabulary lessons per week.

*Science 6/7/8 students should access science 1 article 
from Google classroom per week.

*Math 8 students should complete 2-3 lessons accessed from iready assignments.

Work will be graded upon completion.

Math 8-Syllabus

Mrs. Davidson

Goals and Objectives

  1. Students will develop skills to perform calculations with numbers in different forms (exponential, scientific notation, ) 

  2. Students will develop skills in solving and graphing linear equations and systems of equations

  3. Students will develop an understanding of functions and use functions to describe relationships

  4. Students will develop and understanding of the Pythagorean Theorem

  5. Students will analyze two- and three- dimensional figures using volume and surface area

Class Rules

  • These will be posted and discussed in the first week of school. The basics include respect for yourself and others, punctuality, and being prepared.

Materials Needed

  • Hand-outs

  • I Ready

  • Linkit 

Grading Procedure

Type of Assessment

Middle School

Summative Assessment

(Unit tests, research paper/essay, projects)



  • One or more projects per marking period

  • A total of at least four summative assessments per marking period.

  • Summer packets are worth one assessment.

Formative Assessment

(Quizzes, homework, classwork, participation)

Note - homework cannot count toward its own grade and participation.



  • A total of at least 15 per marking period not including participation



  • There are a variety of activities that students will complete during the year.

    • Class work: Class work is given daily and is due in class the day it is assigned or the following day (as per the instructions)

    • Homework: Homework is given frequently, and is due the day after it is assigned. 

    • Tests and Quizzes: Given at the end of chapter and unit.

    • Group Work: Most (not all) group assignments will be done in class

    • Projects/Research Paper: 1 major project will be given per marking period; these can be individual or group assignments. A presentation may be required. 

    • Participation: All students are expected to participate in class notes, discussions, homework, class work, and other activities. Failure to do so will result in a loss of points