8th Grade Class  Periods 1 and 2.      Vocabulary Workshop Unit  One, #'s 11-20,  Quiz on Friday 10/5/18.  Please study words and 'Completing the Sentence' for review.  Test will be matching and multiple choice.

7th Grade Class.  Periods 6 & 7  Quiz Friday,  10/5/18  Vocabulary Workshop - Unit One #'s  11-20.  Please study words and 'Completing the Sentence' for review.  Test will be matching and multiple choice.

10/4/18:  Narrative Text:  "Write a Letter"  Students will write a letter based on,  Cub Pilot of the Mississippi.   Assignment description given on Friday.  Due:  Wednesday, 10/10/18.

11/15/18  7th grade class periods 6 & 7  Finish reading Chapter One of "The Outsiders"

11/15/18  8th grade  class periods 1 & 2.  (Sadler VW-"Choose the Right Word"  and Novel questions p. 5

11/19/18  8th grade students:  Take Home Quiz distributed on Tuesday. due Wednesday:  Flowers for Algernon- Progress Report # 10

11/19/18  7th grade Students;  Quiz Tuesday on Vocabulary Workshop unit # 2,  #'s 11-20.

11/20/18  8th grade class.  Take Home quiz, "Flowers for Algernon" and due on Wednesday-11/21/18

11/30/18  8th Grade Class:  Test Wednesday  12/5/18, Sadler Vocabulary Workshop, Unit 3 words.     8th Grade Class:  Test Tuesday 12/4/18, Narrative Structure-Flashbacks and Foreshadowing.

12/3/18  8th grade class:  Test on Tuesday 12/4/18 covering flashbacks and foreshadowing in narratives.

12/3/18  7th Grade Class:  Read and annotate Chapter 6 of the "Outsiders".

12/10/18  8th grade class.  Test on Monday "Old Ben" and  "Fox Hunt", along with identifying flashbacks and foreshadowing.

12/10/18  7th grade class-  Homework:  Complete chapter 7 & 8 vocabulary and questions.  

12/17/18  8th Grade Assignment:  Test-Wednesday "An American Childhood"-vocabulary idioms and comprehension.

12/17/18   7th Grade Students:  Position Paper"Would you rather be a greaser or a soc".  Due Thursday.  Time in class will be given to work on assignment.