Emergency School Closing Assignments 4/6-4/9

Have a wonderful Spring Break! End of Week Video April 9: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ADRGA8R14k3xu_651GRCEXcneHDfDQo0/view?usp=sharing Weekly Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tUmuK_yFwgmaOfRKxKvi_ryN9700osW6&authuser=0 1) Reading Plus weekly assignment: two reading sections and two vocabulary sections. 2) Writing Assignment for the Week of 4/6 - 4/9

This will count as a summative assessment.  Select one of the following prompts to write a three-paragraph to five-paragraph essay.  Students will submit through Google Classroom when the assignment is posted.  

MLA Style:  Times New Roman, 12 point size, left-align, double-spaced, tab indent paragraphs

Check the rubric to understand how you will be graded.  



  1. Through the years new inventions have changed the way we live. Think about one invention that has had an impact on the way you live. Now write to explain to your teacher how this invention has changed your life. 

  1. There are both good things and bad things about playing on a team, such as the school soccer team or the school volleyball team. Write a composition for your teacher in which you explain both what is good and what is bad about playing on a school team. Be sure to explain each point fully.

  1. A wealthy donor plans to build a new facility that will benefit young people in your area. It could be a swimming pool, a theater, a skateboard park, an art school, or any other facility that would provide young people with constructive ways to spend their time. The donor is not sure what kind of facility would be most useful. Write an essay in which you identify the type of facility you would like to have built, and persuade her that it is the best choice. Be sure to support your opinion with convincing reasons and evidence.