Friday September 18th, 2020

Today we completed the IReady Diagnostic. If this is not completed by the end of the period students will be asked to come back for the support period to finish. 

Thursday September 17th, 2020

Today we reviewed annotations and RACE responses. Students must complete the questions for "The Run: Refueling" short story by Friday morning at 8:10 am. 

Wednesday September 16th, 2020

Today students worked on their I Ready Diagnostic Test. This will be completed by the end of Friday's class. There is no homework.

Tuesday September 15th, 2020

Today students presented their slideshows for extra credit, we did a quick check in to see how everyone was, and reviewed last night homework. There is no homework tonight!

Monday September 14th, 2020

Today in class we went over how to annotate a text and practiced doing so on our first reading assignment "The Run" series from Read Works. Students are asked to annotate the short story and answer the attached ten questions if they did not finish it in class. 
Tomorrow the "All About Me" slideshow presentation is also due. 

Friday September 11th, 2020

Today we learned about the event of 9/11 2001. Students created a timeline of events using websites and videos provided for them. This was classwork and should have been submitted by 2:30 pm . 
Summer Reading and the Linkit Benchmark A were both due today at 8:10 am. 

Thursday September 10th, 2020

Today we worked on our "All About Me" slides and completed our Link it test.
The slideshow presentation is due on Tuesday at 8:10 am
The Link it Test is due tomorrow Friday the 11th at 8:10 am
Both assignments are test grades. 

Wednesday September 9th, 2020

Today we reviewed yesterday's homework and worked on our Linkit Assessment: Benchmark A. If students did not complete this in school please have them go to test.linkit.com and have them complete it. Phone calls will go out Friday at 2:00 pm if a student's test was not completed. 

Tuesday September 8th, 2020

Today we learned about Labor Day and why we celebrate it. Students have 12 questions to answer using the links I provided for them. It was classwork but anything not finished during class turns into homework. 
Summer Reading is due Friday September 11th.

Friday September 4th, 2020

Today we learned about the Multiple Intelligence Theory (MIT) and found out what styles we learn best with. We also started work on our first summative project. The MIT Results and project rough draft should have been completed in class. If not they must be done before Tuesday's class. 

Thursday September 3rd, 2020

Please have your Google Form "All About Me" and your paragraph response on respect completed before 8:10 am tomorrow morning!