Wednesday June 6th
Today we enjoyed a trip to Frog Hollow for homework students have to read chapter 18. 

Tuesday June 5th

Tonight continue reading chapters 16 and 17 for homework completing the study guide as you read. 

Monday June 4th
For tonight please finish reading chapters 14 and 15 for homework and complete the study guides front and back. 

Friday June 1st

Please read the rest of chapter 9, and then 10 through 13 for homework this weekend. 

Thursday May 31st
In class we took a short ten question quiz on chapters 1 through 5. Afterwards students worked on their vocabulary (first page of the packet front and back) and an in class activity. Anything not completed in class becomes homework. Students will read chapter 7 and answer the corresponding questions for homework tonight. 

Wednesday May 30th
Quiz tomorrow on chapters 1-5 don't forget to study. For homework tonight continue reading chapter 6. 

Friday May 25th

Over the long weekend finish reading chapters two, three, and four and answer the corresponding questions in your packet. Enjoy some sunshine but don't forget your sunblock!

Thursday May 24th
For homework tonight please read all of chapter 1. We will go over it in class tomorrow. 

Wednesday May 23rd
Please finish annotating the articles given to you in class today to discuss for tomorrows class. 

Tuesday May 22nd
Students presented a portion of their projects today in class and will finish tomorrow. There is no homework today. 

Monday May 21st

Today students finished their Buck's Journey to submit to Google Classroom by Tuesday 8:00 am. Students will have to present two places to the class either Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Friday May 18th
Students finished peer editing their essays today before writing their final copies to submit on Google Classroom. The essay is due Monday at 8:00 am. Students who have completed their essays will be working on their Buck's Journey Project. Students have to describe 8 places (14 if they are working with a partner) that Buck went to telling us what happened there and what lesson was learned. This project will be due Tuesday morning at 8:00 am. 

Thursday May 17th
Students completed their rough drafts in class today and began peer editing before completing their final copies to submit on Google Classroom. 

Wednesday May 16th
Students completed their essay outlines and thesis statement reviews with me today in class. Tomorrow we will finish our rough drafts and peer edit the papers before beginning the final copy which is due on Monday at 8:00 am.

Tuesday May 15th
Students began their Call of the Wild essays in class and began brainstorming how they wanted to create their project for Buck's Journey. The outline for their essays will be checked for completion at the beginning of class on Wednesday. 

Monday May 14th 
Today students discussed the ending of our novel and overall themes of the book. Students used our discussions to complete the focus questions that are due tomorrow. 

Friday May 11th
Today we studied the theory of Nature v. Nurture to help us better understand the end of the novel.
Monday the following is due:
Completed Character Chart
All packet questions
Tuesday the following is due:
Buck's Journey Log
All Focus Questions

Thursday May 10th

Today students finished their graphic novels in class today and worked on their Call of the Wild portfolios. They will need a completed character chart (with the outcomes), all questions answered, focus questions, their vocabulary, and Buck's Journey log. Students were given time in class to complete these assignments. 

Wednesday May 9th
Today students completed their third and final Link-it Benchmark Assessment. Afterwards we worked on our vocabulary words independently. For homework students must finish their vocabulary words, read to page 130, and answer up to question 30 in their packets. 

Tuesday May 8th

Students will read to page 100 and work on their character descriptions and Buck's Journey Log for homework. Students had to annotate a short article in class and will need to complete it for homework if they did not already. 

Monday May 7th

Students will read to page 85 and answer questions 20 through 23 for homework.

Friday May the 4th
Over the weekend students will read up to page 70 in their books and answer up to question 20 in their packets. Students have two focus questions to work on this weekend as well. Each question will need three to five sentences for a complete answer. 

Thursday May 3rd
Today we worked on our annotations as we studied about pack mentality. If students did not finish their annotations in class they must finish it for homework. We than broke into groups to analyze and discuss different scenes in our graphic novel. Students created a paragraph explaining their group analysis which is to be completed for homework if they did not finish it in class. Students will read up to and including page 45 in the novel and work on the second page of the character descriptions in their packets. 

Wednesday May 2nd

Students will continue reading our novel to page 30 and answer up to question 14 in their packet. Focus question 1 is also due tomorrow. 

Tuesday May 1st
Today students wrote a short essay on how they can or cannot relate to London's struggles and how education will help with their plans for the future. For homework students have to read the first ten pages of the graphic novel as well as answer the first set of questions about Jack London in their packets. 

Monday April 30th
To begin our new novel Call of the Wild  by Jack London, retold in a graphic novel format, we reviewed the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897 and annotated an article on London's life. Students had to finish reading and annotating the article for homework.