Tuesday October 23rd

Today we went over background information on the 1960s to prepare for our first novel The Outsiders. For homework tonight students have to do write a compare and contrast (either a T-chart or one to two paragraphs) from the 1965 to today. 

Monday October 22nd

Today we completed a reading diagnostic test for Reading Plus. For homework students had to complete a ReadWorks article on Google Classroom. 

Friday October 19th

Students compare and contrast essays are extended to Monday. I will be collecting the five paragraph final copy, the rough copy, and the checklist. 

Thursday October 18th

Compare and contrast essays are due tomorrow along with the peer and self edits. 

Wednesday October 17th

Students took their short stories test today. No homework. Compare and contrast essays are due Friday along with the peer and self edits. 

Tuesday October 16th

Today we went over our short stories and had a review game for tomorrow's test. Tonight's homework is to study!

Monday October 15th

Today we went over how to properly write our introduction and conclusion paragraphs. For homework students must finish their two paragraphs and the study guide for the test on Wednesday. 

Friday October 12th

Please complete the three paragraph compare and contrast rough draft that we started in class today using the Venn Diagram and T-chart from "Barrio Boy" and "A Day's Wait"

Thursday October 11th

Finish the critical thinking questions on page 90 in our textbook. Don't forget to re-state the question in your answer and use quotes to support it. 

Wednesday October 10th

No homework

Tuesday October 9th

Today we reviewed common nouns, pronouns, and proper nouns. Second half of class we went over the rubric for the final draft of the This I Believe essay due Thursday morning 8:00 am on Google Classroom.

Friday October 5th

Students need to complete the packet and grammar sheet for homework. The final draft of our This I Believe essays will be due Thursday 8:00 am on Google Classroom. We will have time in class to go over them. 

Thursday October 4th

Please finish up to and including page 74 in your packet for homework. 

Wednesday October 3rd

Today we took notes on the different points of view. We read an excerpt from the autobiography An American Childhood by Annie Dillard. Students must answer the critical thinking questions for homework. All answers must be written in complete sentences and contain quotes when necessary. 

Tuesday October 2nd

We worked on sentence variations in class and students need to finish their paragraphs for homework if they did not finish it in class. 

Monday October 1st

Please complete the Loch Ness packet for homework if you did not finish it in class. 

Friday September 28th

Today in class students took their first test on the short stories, Papa's Parrot and MK. Afterwards students worked on Readworks, vocab.com, and their typing skills. There is no homework this weekend!

Thursday September 27th

Test tomorrow! Study the critical thinking and vocab for the short stories Papa's Parrot and 

Wednesday September 26th

The first half of class students worked on the Chromebooks: peer editing their rough drafts, vocab.com, typing course. Any student who has not submitted their rough draft by the end of their first half of class will be considered late. 
The second half of class we began reading MK by Jean Fitz. Students have to finish reading and annotating the story for homework. 

Tuesday September 25th

Today we worked on our rough draft in class and peer edited our essays before submitting them to Google classroom. If we did not finish it in class it is now homework due tomorrow before the school day begins. Please email me with any questions, comments, or concerns.  

Monday September 24th

Today we reviewed our parts of speech, worked on annotating on a separate sheet of paper, and continued our rough draft on our This I Believe Essays. If the Readworks questions and annotations were not finished in class they are homework. 

Friday September 21st

Today we began our rough draft's on the This I Believe Essay and had a mini lesson on MLA Format. There will be no homework over the weekend. See you Monday!

Thursday September 20th

Open house and Back to School Night are both today and I look forward to meeting everyone. There will be no homework for the students today. 

Wednesday September 19th

Today we discussed what values are important in our own lives based on the definitions we found yesterday. For homework students need to make sure of the following:
         1. Their textbook is covered
         2.  They have defined all of the values on the first page of the packet and gave personal definitions for five of those words
        3. They answered five of the ten questions on the second page of the packet. 

Tuesday September 18th

Today students continued working on the This I Believe Personal Narrative Unit. For homework they must finish defining the values words and on a separate sheet of paper write down what those words mean to them. Students were given time in class to complete this. 

Monday September 17th

No homework tonight. See you tomorrow!

Friday September 14th

Students were given out textbooks in class and have to cover them by Monday for a quiz grade. Section 7B are to finish their annotations for homework this weekend as well. 

Thursday September 13th

Sections 7A and 7C are to finish the annotations handout from class today. Section 7B worked on finishing their LinkIt Benchmark A test in class. 

Wednesday September 12th

No homework tonight. See you tomorrow!

Tuesday September 11th

                                         *Tomorrow is picture day*
Today students took their Linkit Benchmark Test A and set up their Google Classroom and Vocabulary.com accounts. 

Monday September 10th

Today we worked on our annotation skills in class by annotating our first Readworks
article after reading aloud in class. Students were asked to finish annotating the story and answer the corresponding questions for homework. The link to "How To Annotate a Text" youtube video can be found under the "Helpful Resources" tab. 

Friday September 7th

Due on Monday:
1. Final copy of the "Bio Poem"
2. One sentence describing their goal for the year
3. Signed copy of the classroom rules and a brief questionnaire for the guardians