Mrs. Sanchez

 ¡Bienvenidos a otro nuevo año escolar 2022-2023!
Mi nombre es Sra. Sánchez

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I am excited to be your Spanish teacher and I look forward to work all toward together becoming a more well- rounded and worldly student. My goal is for you to acquire a skill that will benefit you in whatever career path you choose.

As a student in this course you will develop communication skills through various modes of the Spanish language: interpretive (reading and listening), interpersonal (two-way communication) and presentational (speaking and writing) by exploring the Hispanic Culture and Language.


1. Chromebook fully charged.
2. Notebook
3. Pen or pencils 

Grading Scale:  Middle School/ High School

Summative Assessment
(Unit tests, research paper/essay, projects)
Tests Projects/products Presentations Creative assignments. Portfolios Peer/self evaluations Writing tests Formative Assessment (Quizzes, homework, classwork)
Exit/admit tickets Entrance Slips Homework Practice activities Classwork Self evaluations Observations Questionnaires Class discussions
Syllabus Spanish I -Refer to Google Classroom
Syllabus Spanish II- Refer to Google Classroom
Syllabus Spanish III- Refer to Google Classroom
Syllabus Spanish IV- Refer to Google Classroom

If you ever have any comments, questions or concerns, I am avaliable by email. My contact information is [email protected]

I am excited about working with your students. I welcome questions or comments and I am looking forward to a great school year 2022-2023!