Ms. Torretta

Please click below for coursework in the event of an emergency school closing.

Virtual Class Hours:
Grade 6D = Monday 11 AM
Grade 8 = Monday 12 PM
Grade 7 = Tuesday 11 AM
Grade 6 = Tuesday 12 PM

*Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom
 *I will be posting a link to Zoom on Google Classroom to communicate.
*Assignments will be graded  and updated into Genesis.
*At the bottom of every assignment, the students will be graded this way:

Teacher Comment: 

_____ Completed On Time _____ Well Done - Check 

_____ Completed Late           _____ Getting there - Check Minus 

_____ Did NOT Complete   


Grade 8 SS Google Classroom   Class Code 3u2l25d 

Grade 7 SS Google Classroom Class Code lc7sek5 
Grade 6D SS Google Classroom - Period 1 Class code e25kjwi
Grade 6 SS Google Classroom - Period 6 Class code e25kjwi 

If you are unable to access Google Classroom, please click on the links below, and it will bring you to my folder with assignments.

Grade 6 SS - Morning Class 6D - Period 1
Grade 6 SS - Afternoon Class 6 - Period 6
Grade 7 SS 
Grade 8 WH

Genesis You need your Genesis sign in and password