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"There is a crack a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in." Leonard Cohen

Schedule 2021-2022

Period 1 ELA 11
Period 2   ELA 12
Period 3   ELA 12 
Period 4 AP Literature and Composition
Period 7 ELA 12 H
Period 8 ELA 11 

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The Summer Reading Assessment


 are responsible for the titles assigned to their classes. 

AP Summer Reading selections are a prerequisite to taking the course, and each student is expected to take the AP exam.  

AP Exam Date:

English Literature May 4, 2022

*updates will be posted regarding registration deadlines/testing fees. 

MP 1

ELA 11, 11 H      Puritan and American Gothic Literature
ELA 12, 12 H     British Gothic Literature
AP ENG Lit.       Genre Exploration, Test Prep. 

MP 2

ELA 11, 11 H    Transcendentalism and American Realism 
ELA 12, 12 H    Early Anglo Saxon/The Hero's Journey
AP ENG Lit.      Genre Exploration, Test Prep.

Midterms:  January (TBA)

MP 3

ELA 11, 11 H     The American Dream, Harlem Renaissance
ELA 12, 12 H     Shakespeare and the English Renaissance
AP ENG Lit.       Genre Exploration, Test Prep.  

MP 4

ELA 11, 11 H     Modern American Literature
ELA 12, 12 H     The Victorian Age/Modern Period
AP ENG Lit.       Genre Exploration, Test Prep.

Finals: June (TBA)

*Seniors must have a final average of an A (95) to be exempt. 

Summer Reading Assessment: Summative Assignment MP 1

ELA 11 : The Scarlet Letter, 9/21/2021
ELA 12: Dracula, 9/28/2021
ELA 12 H: Dracula, 9/28/2021
                The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 9/29/2021

LinkIt A: Summative Assignment 1

ELA 11: 9/29, 9/30/2021

Hispanic Heritage Month - 9/15 to 10/15/2021

Every week, a poem will be posted on the Google Stream. 
Post thoughts/comments for extra credit!

MP 1 Ends 11/12/2021

Submit missing work, ASAP. 

MP 2 Begins 11/15/2021

ELA 11 Transcendentalism 

ELA 12 Anglo/Saxon Heroes in Literature/Norse Mythology

AP Lit. Poetry/Exam Prep.

Interims due: 12/16/2011

MP 2 Ends: 1/27/2022

MP 3 Begins 1/28/2022

Black History Month - February

ELA 11 Harlem Renaissance/Poetry/A Raisin in the Sun

ELA 12 Shakespeare/Othello

AP Lit. Shakespeare/Othello/A Raisin in the Sun

Interims due: 3/2/2022