Classroom News

September 22, 2023
1) Answer Unit 1 “Complete the Sentence”
2) Finish Questions for the PBS Questions on PBS Videos on Latino Americans: Lin Miranda, Judy Reyes, and Jose Hernandez
3) Work on CommonLit Assignment: Taco Head.

September 21, 2023 - Short Session Day
1) Do Now: Answer Unit 1 Synonyms and Antonyms
2) PBS Video PBS Videos on Latino Americans: Lin Miranda, Judy Reyes, and Jose Hernandez 
3) Answer questions on the video

September 20, 2023
1) Do Now: A) Take out Unit 1 Vocabulary Words.  B) Who are Latino Americans?
2) Review Unit 1 words
3) Video to introduce Latino Americans.
4) Fill in worksheet about video.

September 19, 2023
1) Do Now: Join the classroom.
2) Finish IReady Reading Diagnostic
3) Finish copying Unit 1 vocabulary words

September 18, 2023
1) Do Now:  Why is important to read well?
2) IReady Diagnostic
3) Continue to copy Unit 1 vocabulary words.

September 15, 2023
1) Do Now: Extend the story.  What do you think will happen next in "Stray"?
2) Create plot diagram for "Stray" in groups of three.
3) Copy Unit 1 vocabulary words p. 14-16.  The words are also in Google Classroom.

September 14, 2023

1) Do Now: Give two examples to identify the differences between fiction and nonfiction.
2) Build background for the story
3) Develop vocabulary for the story
4) Meet the Author
5) Literary Analysis: Plot
6) Read and discuss "Stray"
7) Fill in plot diagram
September 13, 2023
1) Do Now: What do the terms fiction and nonfiction mean?
2) Review the textbook.
3) Notes on fiction and nonfiction
4) Worksheet identifying fiction and nonfiction
5) Game identifying fiction and nonfiction
September 12, 2023
1) Do Now: What is a strategy to help relieve stress before a test?
2) Finish LinkIt Benchmark
3) Finish assignment
4) Review textbook or vocabulary work. Students may search website. Select Level A.
September 11, 2023
1) Do Now: How do you feel when taking a test?
2) LinkIt Benchmark
3) Finish article: "Always Remember".

September 8, 2023
Meeting with Mr. Brown during Period 2.
1) Do Now: Look at the picture of The New Yorker magazine from October 29, 2001. Write down what you see, where you think the picture is, and the time of year.
2) Discussion about 9/11/2001
3) article- "Always Remember"

Summer Reading is due on 9/15.
September 7, 2023

1) Reviewed guidelines, class rules, grading policy, and course syllabus.

2) Students filled out a worksheet "Get to Know Classmates".

3) Students completed a "Let the Teacher Know Me" worksheet.

4) Closing: One thing the students found interesting today.