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Hate Math these days? Well, check out these testimonials:
"Fav class, great explanations, always a laugh and a cry at the same time" -One random girl in period 4

"Mr. Gundrum is good at teaching."  -A student/fan from Calculus

"My teacher is a COOL DUDE :) " -A high achiever in period 4

"Mr. Gundrum is a strong passionate teacher and knows how to teach."  -An Algebra student who must've thought this would help his/her grade...

"Class is not challenging, but is still interesting" -One student in period 3 who probably should've been placed in a higher level...

"I look forward to this class." -Anonymous a.m. Algebra student

"My teacher is great."  -An Algebra student not related to me, I swear

"My teacher teaches very well, most other teachers don't teach and just say teach ourselves."  -One student who clearly misheard directions, often

"My teacher knows how to explain his/her knowledge and explains knowledge thoroughly and understandably."  -An Algebra student from some year

**Note: All quotes are genuine and taken directly from my classroom survey comment section**