Classroom News

I do not think anyone will really go to this subpage... Here is my rationale: People will go to Class Info because it is the first page when you click on me. Formative Assessments is usually what people are looking for because they owe work (or parents are cross referencing against Genesis) Helpful Resources just sounds like something you need to (and should!) look at because it could make your life easier. These Helpful Resources you have probably already come across in the Google Classrooms. Digital Documents sounds important so people will check in case they missed something. At that point, Contact Me is probably where they finally turn.  If you actually do come here and read this, shoot me an email and let me know you are out there watching... I would be interested to see who actually comes here and is it worth my time to invest the effort in this page.  Here is a picture of some stuff to make it look jazzy....Mathematician Scientist.pngKarate Kick.png