Class Info

2020-2021 Classroom Syllabus

Mr. Finochio

Welcome to the South Amboy Middle High School 2019-2020 school year. The grading profile is as follows:

MHS Grading Practice

Developed August 2020

Type of Assessment

High School

Summative Assessment

(Unit tests, research paper/essay, projects)



  • One or more projects per marking period

  • A total of at least six summative assessments per marking period

Quarterly Assessment


Formative Assessment

(Quizzes, homework, classwork, participation)




  • Summer packet is worth two minor assessments

  • A total of at least 15 per marking period not including participation

Classroom Materials:

Each student should have:

  1. A binder divided into 3 sections (Highly recommended):

    1. Notes
    2. Classwork

    3. Homework

  2. Pen (not red) or Pencil