Mrs. Nisraiyya

A brief introduction about myself: My name is Mrs. Geeta Nisraiyya (pronounced Nis-ra-ya)

I have a Masters in Physics/Electronics and hold a NJ State Teaching Certification in Physical Sciences. I have the pleasure of teaching the South Amboy community since 2003 and this is my 20th year. This academic year I am teaching one Lab. Physics class (Grades 11-12), three high school Lab. Chemistry classes including an Honors class (Grades 10-11,  and once again two Environmental Science classes (Grades 11-12) all brimming with wonderful students. 

The best way to reach is via email: [email protected] and I'll promptly reply within 24 hrs. or by the next biz day. If need be, you may also call the school telephone @ 732-316-7669 and leave a message for me. I will return your call as soon as I can.

Welcome to my Science site!

Course description: 

Lab. Chemistry course is a 5 credit course offered to sophomores and/or juniors who want to pursue a pharmaceutical and/or a related medical career. The prerequisites for this subject are a prior Physical Science base and a good Math aptitude.

Lab. Physics is a 5 credit course offered to juniors and/or seniors who wish to pursue an engineering and/or a related career.

Environmental Science is a 5 credit lab course offered mostly to juniors as an elective.

Currently, I have six classes with a total number of approximately 125 plus wonderful students.

A Top-Notch Environmental Science Hands-On Project

Invention/Safety Project

(Please watch the creativity, efforts, explanation, and use of subject/concept)