Student Assistance Information & Prevention


It is the policy of the Board of Education to take positive action through education, treatment, evaluation-assessment, discipline, parental involvement and police referral to prevent and intervene in incidents involving the possession, sale, distribution, use and/or abuse of dangerous substances (alcohol, controlled substances). 1. Suspected use/possession- Students suspected of using, possessing, abusing, or under the influence of dangerous substances will be subject to a complete assessment of his/her physical and/or mental condition. 2. Testing- The administration may request of a student’s parent or guardian that an alcohol or drug screening through urinalysis of the student be conducted. The student will be required to remain out of school until a written report of the medical examination is furnished. A student may not return to school until a physician certifies in writing that s/he is physically and mentally able to return. 3. Administrative Penalties: See Student Code of Conduct.  Click here for Procedures.


(South Amboy Borough Ordinance #001.10) It is unlawful for minors (under the age of 18), or any student of any elementary or secondary educational institution to use tobacco products within the public right of way areas within a radius of one thousand (1,000) feet of any elementary or secondary educational institution. A Health Officer, his or her designee, or law enforcement officer may issue any person in violation of this ordinance a summons no later than thirty (30) days after discovery of alleged violation. Any person violating any of the provisions of the ordinance may be issued a citation and be required to pay a penalty of not less than $25.00 or more than $100.00 for each offense. Penalties for the first violation may be in the formof community service at the discretion of the Municipal Court. Citizens may bring complaints against violators of this ordinance. The threshold of proof required to pursue disciplinary action against a violator of this policy is “reasonable suspicion”. This means that one needs only be 51% sure that the individual was smoking. (Ref: NJ State administrative code violation burden of proof). All students in the bathroom at the time of a smoking incident can be held accountable and disciplined by this procedure if they choose to conceal the identity of the individual(s) smoking. In all cases NJAC 2C: 33-13 (State law prohibiting smoking in school) will dictate the course of action.


The Board of Education will take positive action through education, treatment, evaluation, assessment, discipline, parental involvement and police referral to prevent and intervene in incidents involving the possession, sale, distribution, use, and/or abuse of dangerous chemical substances. Dangerous substances are defined as follows: 1. Alcoholic beverages 2. Any controlled substance as identified in NJSA 2C: 35-1 3. Any chemical or chemical compound which releases vapor or fumes causing a condition of intoxication, inebriation, excitement, stupefaction, or the dulling of the nervous system or the brain; including, but not limited to, glue containing a solvent having the property or releasing vapors or fumes, as defined in NJSA 2A: 170-25 4. Anabolic steroids Policy and procedures will be followed per Board Policy and NJSA 18A: 40A-12 including that every student who is referred for possible drug or alcohol use must, in every case, be examined by a medical doctor.


Alcohol/Drug possession/Use
10 Days suspension Possession of drug - Parent Conference paraphernalia Administrative Hearing Medical Assessment Police report

Smoking on school grounds
*3 Days IAE/OSS 4 Days IAE/OSS 10 Days Includes e-cigarettes IAE/OSS Parent Conference Parent Conference Admin. Hearing