Club News!

Attention League Members.......!!

January News!

Welcome to the Science League! Bio team comprises of Sophomores, Chemistry team made up of both Juniors and Seniors while the Physics team solely comprising of Seniors.

Permission Slips are mandated and must be submitted prior to the exams for the season. Parent/guardian consent is important as you will be taking the exam once a month, every 2nd Thursday permitting, for at least an hour after regular school dismissal. 

Please come prepared on Thursday, January 10th with a great attitude even though all the January concepts will not be learned by us. We give it our best!

February News!

This month the Captain and Vice-Captain will be decided after the second exams are scored. Students who are committed, responsible and punctual with a good score will be selected as the Captain and Vice-Captin of the teams.

Once again, we will take the exam on Wednesday, February 13th (Thursday being a half/short day for students). 

March News!

Due to the inclement weather and school cancellations this past Thursday, March 8th, the Science League Exam is postponed to the following Tuesday, March 13th immediately after school as usual in Room 222 (Mrs. Nisraiyya)

Please make sure to inform your parent/guardian and if applicable, arrange for your ride back home approximately an hour after school dismissal, i.e. 3:45 p.m. (No later than 4:00 p.m.)

April News!

Wow! The last exam of the Club is this Wednesday, April 17th immediately after school. Be prepared to come with a great positive attitude and as always give it your best!

Come prepared with a sharpened # 2 pencil with eraser, 100% test preparation and a positive attitude!