Nisraiyya~Classroom News

Here we come Semester I. Can't believe summer is over. Welcome Marking Period 1!!

September News! 

Lab. Chemistry:

MP 1 will begin with all fundamentals put in place. I call it 'cleaning the cobwebs" month. Scientific Method and Metric Prefix-Conversions will be the focus besides all important math and science basic concepts. 

Lab. Physics: Likewise, we will kick-start the fundamentals with Problem Solving in Science and introduction of Newtonian Mechanics this month.

All classes, we will have our first Formative/ Summative Assessment this month with a hands-on Science Invention Project.

Student can pick a partner or work solo, and at least a week's time will be given. More details, rubrics, due dates etc. will be discussed in class.

Students will also present their Inventions to the class and will be graded on both the creation concept and presentation skills. The exhibit will be graded for a Formative (Lab) and the overall presentation a Summative (Test) grade.

Also, the best will adorn the hall of fame (outside Rm. 222) and the good ones in our class.

So step it up students! Remember, you start the class with a A(100%)

October News!

  Here we swing into the real deal! Continue to learn, practice and apply all the math, lab-safety, problem-solving, writing lab-reports, and other basics needed in all classes.

We will start off with a lab-experiment on measuring simple things such as the  mass, volume, and density of both solid and liquid materials, using few simple measuring instruments. Thereafter, we will show comprehension on all the concepts learned few quizzes and a major Test after that. Reminder, your lab-report once taught will be another summative assessment for the marking period.

Not to forget, as early as the first week of October you will be looking at your first Progress-remarks of the year!

Physics students will work on a lab-experiment and a detailed lab-report for a summative assessment grade. Also, they will show team-work and be introduced to Newton's laws of motion & Forces.

All classes will take multiple quizzes and tests showing comprehension of concepts learned. 

Chemistry students will move onto Periodic Table of elements and Energy & Matter and Physics students will fast-pace to learning Trigonometric Basics and Speed/velocity/acceleration, etc.

November News!

  • Marking Period 1 comes to an end: With it comes grades and report cards!

  • Also, class selection of "Stars" based on highest GPA.

Here comes Marking Period 2 (approx dates TBD 11/08/21 to 01/28/22): the shortest and most high spirited in festivities, holidays and breaks. Not to forget the chances of low or dropping grades hence.

  • MP 2 Project: Students will design a Power Point on a previously learned concept of their choice. 

  • Best work adorns the 'wall of fame'

  • Prior to Winter Recess I will announce and discuss the bi-annual Project!!

  • Labs-hands on, quizzes and tests as usual.

Here comes real Chemistry Chapters "Electron Configurations & Periodic Table"

Parent-Teacher conferences on Nov. 19 in the evening and Nov. 20 in the morning. Parent/guardian encouraged to attend. (Parents! Please check email if a conference is needed and suggested by me).

Introduction of new Chapter 'Periodic Table'.  We will review and complete this chapter via Group work, discussions, bingo, worksheets, homework assignments, quiz and a Test.

December News!

A short frenzy of a month...Spirit week in the making. Make sure your grades don't go low and go high/higher with your spirits!

Students will be working on a "Hands-on" Project  (due 2/28/22). They will take home a rubric and information that calls for Parent/Guardian support (as always) Safety first is the key! Adult permission and supervision is needed, where students will work with another student of choice (if they decide) and make/build/create a project on life science concept. They will mix safe chemicals and watch the chemical reactions (Lab. Chemistry) or make a roller coaster or simple electric circuit (Physics).  

The first week of December, we will present our experiments and projects to the class for a Summative grade. Bear in mind, this is a very important end of the calendar year so Do Not prepare poorly. Make it your best project and presentation showing me thorough preparation of the concepts behind the experiment.

January News!

Happy New Year & Welcome 2022!

Here we come refreshed after the Winter Recess....With January comes the new year and the end of Marking period 2/Semester I. That means.....Midterm Exams around the corner. Chem Students we complete with the remainder of 'Periodic Table of Elements' and learn about the Sources, Properties and Uses of common elements used in day to day life. Also, we will take notes and complete Practice Worksheets on various elements, followed by a show of comprehension via a Quiz and Test.

Physics students will complete Power/Classical Mechanics and get ready for the Simple Machines, followed by the Midterms.

Important Reminders for January:  Midterm Exam around 1/24/22 (TBD)

 * Ch. Quiz & test (1/10- 1/14)

* Notebook/binder Check on 1/14 (all work from 9/07/21 to 1/14/22)

* Journal Check on 1/22

* Chem Midterm Review (All Chapters)

* Marking Period 2 ends 1/22*

* Mid-terms begin 1/24* (Snow change-see schedule posted in my class for times and duration)

Don't forget to seek timely help which is provided most of the weekdays (except Wed. and other meeting days) from 7:45 am to 8:00 am in Room 222. Have your handbook signed or ask me for a pass the previous day.

Let's be aware that the Fall semester is almost getting over and pretty soon we will be in our Spring Semester.

February News!

Here we come Semester II. Can't believe half year is over. Welcome Marking Period 3!!

The results from our first January Chemistry League is in! Congratulations 
Chem, & Physics League students on a stupendous performance amidst many competitive schools in the county region.

Important Reminder!

MP3 Project on 'Element' Research Paper for all Chemistry classes will be due 2/14

MP3 Project on 'Waves/Light' Research Paper for the Physics class will be due 2/14

MP3 Project on Black History Month Research Paper for all classes will be due 2/28

MP 3 continues with retouch on Periodic Table and introduction to Ch. Electron Configurations. Students will learn to write Electron configurations, Abbreviated Confgs., Lewis-Dot Configurations and draw the Spin Diagrams. We will conclude the chapter with identifying and differentiating the Unpaired and Valence electrons, thereby comprehending on how to draw the Lewis-dot Configurations.  Gear up, a Quiz is right around the corner, so students get working with these concepts.

Lab. Physics: We will complete Waves-E.m. radiation & Light by end of this month.

Brrr... A short month will go by soon, and hopefully no snow days & or delayed openings. If you realize, you are on the descent...way back down! 

On the brighter side, February is Black History Month!! That means, a class project will be addressed on a Scientist of African American origin. Students will complete a research paper (rubrics will be provided) on a scientist/inventor of African American heritage for a Formative grade. Excellent papers will adorn the hall of fame (outside Rm. 222) and the good ones inside the class, so step it up students with the rubrics provided and posted in class.

March News!!

March is the most important month when it comes to earning your grades...the only whole month with no distractions!

  • Marking Period 3 Interim will be posted early in the month (March 3rd) and Reports at the end of the step on the gas and accelerate your grades.
  • Chemistry students: Ch. on Electron Configurations will come to a completion and introduction of Ch. on Nuclear Chemistry/Reactions will be introduced to all classes. Prepare for a mid-March Quiz and Chapter Test the 3rd week of March. Thereafter, we will introduce new chapter on 'The Mole (Stoichiometry) for HONORS class and "Acid, Bases, & Salts" for general chemistry classes.

Important Reminder!

  • Honors students~ Please BYOC:) Gear up with your math aptitude and calculators to college prep concepts on Mole.

Physics students: We will be completing Chapter on "Sound" and its properties and will be introducing Electricity.