School Counseling Staff & Appointments

School Counseling Suite

200 Governor Harrold G. Hoffman Plaza

South Amboy, New Jersey 08879

Phone 732-316-7668

Fax 732-727-5498

To Make an appointment you can email your counselor by clicking the link below, asking your teacher or visiting the counseling suite We want to see our students-

Mrs. Hope Affriol

School Counseling Secretary, New Jersey Smart, & Registrar

732-316-7668 ext 3227

Mrs. Michelle Witte

School Counselor (A-G), SAC Student Assistance Counselor

732-316-7668 ext 3231

Mr. David Lisowski

School Counselor (H-O), Anti-Bullying Specialist

732-316-7668 ext 3230

Mrs. Madeline Rondon

School Counselor (P-Z)

732-316-7668 ext 3236