United States History I

United States History I is a full year course designed to give students a deeper understanding of the early years of the American Republic from the colonial era to the 1870s. This survey course will begin with a recap of the colonial era and the roots of rebellion against British rule. The American Revolution will be covered in depth and followed by the founding of the United States Constitution. Students will continue their journey though American history by studying the early political era of American history as well as the War of 1812 and expansion backed by the concept of Manifest Destiny. The year will culminate with an understanding of the causes of the secession, the trying event of a great civil war and the challenges posed by reconstruction and settlement of the west. During the course of the year, students will gain experience in the use of primary source documents and gain a deeper understanding of the rule of law and the democratic principle upon which the Republic was founded and sustained. This course is a prerequisite for United States History II and is open to sophomores only. Four quarterly argumentative research based papers will be required in this course.