South Amboy Middle High School Counselors

Middle School & High School

Michelle Witte (Last names A - L)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology                                                    KeanUniversity 
Masters of Arts in Counselor Education                                        Kean University 

Certificate- Student Assistance Counselor (Substance Awareness)   Kean University

NJ Certifications: Student Assistance Counselor (CAE), School Counselor (Standard), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Middle School & High School 

Mr. Jared Gonsalves (Last names M - Z)
Bachelor of Arts History                                                               Kean University 
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology                                                      Kean University
Master of Arts in Counselor Education                                           Kean University

Certificate- Student Assistance Counselor (Substance Awareness)    Kean University

NJ Certifications: Student Assistance Counselor (CAE), School Counselor (Standard)

Office Registrar and Secretary (NJ SMART): Hope Affriol
Student Assistance Counselor (SAC): Michelle Witte
Anti-Bullying Specialist (ABS): Jared Gonsalves
Safety Committee & Safety Ambassador Program: Michelle Witte