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Welcome to Ms. Kosmoski's Class for the 2020-2021 School Year!
Please take time to read the course syllabus, and see the Google Classroom link below.


Periods 2 and 4 - Exploring Literature
This course will explore literature from Anglo-Saxon times to the present.  The textbook contains a wide variety of classic and modern works written by different British authors.  There is a chronological approach which assists students in creating connections between British literature and events in British history.  
The text will enhance student learning by presenting various genres of British literature - poetry, short stories, nonfiction, novel excerpts, and drama.  The literature includes traditional works by William Shakespeare, to modern authors such as T.S. Eliot.  
Students will learn language arts skills through use of visual clues, graphic organizers, and fill-in-the blank outlines as they actively read each story.  There is also the component  of learning grammatical skills and other language arts skills.
In each unit, there will reading assessments that allow the students to express their thoughts about literature through a variety of media and in multiple ways. 
Student text, worksheets, (
the remainder are teacher-provided): loose leaf, binder, pens/pencils/markers/colored pencils, project or experiment items.
Class Rules:
These will be posted and discussed in the first week of school.  The basics include respect for yourself and others, arriving to class on time, and forming a positive attitude to learn in class.
Course Work:
This program has a free writing journal component,  as well as a current events discussion and writing session.  Students will practice and learn steps to basic paragraph writing which will then build to longer and more detailed pieces.  They will synthesize what they have learned from reading the student text. to write a similar writing piece. 
To assess, the program has corresponding reviews and tests.  The focus in this course is on enjoyment in the reading process, and to become more confident writers.  They will learn at their pace, and in multiple modalities of learning.
There are two types of assessment: Summative 60% (test and projects) and Formative 40% (quizzes, classwork, and participation).  The grading is the same as the middle/high school scales.