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Welcome to my 2017-2018 Science site...!
A brief introduction about myself: My name is Mrs. Geeta Nisraiyya
I have a Masters in Physics and Electronics and hold a NJ State Teaching License in Physical Sciences. I am an educator at SAHS since 2003 and this is my 15th year. On the personal side, I'm married to my late husband, a wonderful man for the last 28 years and have two awesome kids 25 and 22 years young.
At SAHS, I have taught Earth Science (Grade 8), Astronomy-Geology & Oceanography (Grades 11-12), Physical Sciences (Grade 9), Life Science (Grade 7) & Chemistry in the Community (Grades 11-12) last year. 
I currently am teaching 3 classes Lab. Phyiscs (Grades 11-12), Lab. Chemistry (Grades 11-12) and a Physical Science -Honors (Grade 9) this year.
The best way to reach me is via email:

  I'll surely respond within 24 hrs/1 business day. If needed, you may also call the school telephone @ 732-316-7669 and leave me a message.
2017-2018 Courses: 
Lab. Chemistry is a 5 credit elective course offered to juniors/seniors. Most students who want to pursue a pharmaceutical and/or a related medical field career are advised by guidance to opt for this course to facilitate them in college. The prerequisite for this subject is prior Physical Science credits and a solid Math aptitude.
On the other hand, Lab. Physics is a weighted 5 credit lab. course, offered every two years at SAHS to juniors and senior eager to pursue any science/engineering program in college. It just lays down the foundation of basic mathematical and applied physics building up on the prerequisite of an excellent math aptitude and physical science base. Also, freshmen Physical Sciences are along the lines of both Physics and Chemistry at a basic level.
This year, I have three classes of Lab. Chemistry with 50 wonderful students as of now. Also, I have an awesome class of Lab. Physics with juniors & seniors.
Looking forward to an exciting educational year! Hop on our speedy roller-coaster and hold tight or let's mix up a chemical shake!


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Lab. Chemistry students engaged in collaborative work.



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